Tips for Sleeping While Traveling on the Bus

Tips for Sleeping While Traveling on the Bus

When it comes to traveling, especially long haul bus travel, many people look forward to the destination, but dread the exhaustion and tiredness from restless sleep on the road. In this article we are going to explore some simple methods you can take away to improve your sleep quality the next time you are on an hours long bus ride without packing a ton extra, especially applicable here would be the overnight charters that we at Patsornchai Tour also provide, so you can sleep the entire journey through and reach your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

7 Ways To Improve Your Onboard Relaxation

These simple tips and tricks will make the commute feel much shorter, or perhaps even get you snoozing throughout the entire journey! These 7 tips will, at the very least, make your bus ride that much more enjoyable.

Neck Pillow and Eye Mask
Neck Pillow and Eye Mask franticoo /

1. Neck Pillow and Eye Mask

For complete relaxation, you should invest in travel aids such as travel neck pillows and eye masks, especially if you are inclined to traveling often. All of the rental buses we have on offer for your travels comes with soft and comfortable seat cushions, a recline function, a footrest, and a cabin climate control system that will keep the interior temperature regulated and cool, perfect for a good nights’ sleep even on the go, but even so, we whole-heartedly recommend taking advantage of the superior comfort we provide and insist that travel aids should not be missed for the trip. A soft neck pillow and an eye mask to block out additional light for the light sleepers will go a long way in helping you sleep more easily, and they have the added benefit of being a visual cue to others that you are not to be disturbed. In addition, earplugs are a good idea to block noise during the trip. These small additions to your carry-on luggage will easily improve your quality of sleep.


2. Blanket

We hope you are dressed comfortably for the journey, and it would suffice for a short nap, but if it is a long-distance journey by rented bus it may be necessary to bring your own blanket as well, especially during the winter months. Perhaps you are more sensitive to the cold, or simply prefer a toasty environment to sleep in, either way a  nice blanket will help make you feel like you are cozying up in your couch right at home. This may seem like a deceptively simple addition, although we must admit that a blanket on your carry-on is extra admin when it comes to packing, it will make falling asleep that little bit easier, and we find it is a method that works really well.

Drinks and Snacks for the Road

3. Drinks and Snacks for the Road

Staying suitably hydrated and keeping your appetite sated is another often overlooked part of a relaxing experience. Water, juice, or milk are great for on the go drinks as they are portable, shelf stable, easily consumable, and come in a variety of flavors to choose from. Caffeinated beverages like tea and especially coffee should be avoided as not only are they stimulants that keep you from sleeping, their diuretic effects can also potentially rouse you awake should you happen to fall asleep. Good options for on the go snacks should be hand held, not messy to eat, and filling. Some of our favorite options are bread and sandwiches. In addition, for those who have to travel with children, frequent toilet breaks are not an issue, especially with Patsornchai Tour, as our fleet offers buses with a toilet onboard.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Some people opt for soft music to lull themselves to sleep, which we think is an excellent idea. Plus, with the advancement of technology these days, chances are good your listening device of choice comes with a noise-cancelling feature. Even if you are not the kind to listen to music to fall asleep, you can still take advantage of the noise-cancelling feature to drown out the chatter and traffic while traveling. If music is not your thing, we also recommend listening to audiobooks or podcasts while on the got. Not only are they entertaining and often informative, they also, in the right setting, do an excellent job of providing just enough background noise to get you sleepy.

Choose a seat in the Middle of the Bus
Choose a seat in the Middle of the Bus

5. Choose a seat in the Middle of the Bus

The middle of the cabin is generally the most isolated part of the bus in terms of outside interference: sit too far forward and you are near the driver’s seat and at night, might come across flashes of headlights and tail lights that interrupt your sleep; too far back and you would have the engine rumbling away under your feet the entire way through, not to mention the constant foot traffic of people trying to access the toilet, which is generally located at the back. It is therefore best, if you are able to, to choose one of the middle seats on the bus if you know beforehand that you are going to be sleeping. If this is not possible, the front would be the next best thing, but we do recommend an eye mask to block out the lights we just mentioned.

Sleeping Pills

6. Sleeping Pills

For some people however, medication is the only method of achieving proper sleep during long haul journeys or overnight trips. Over-the-counter sleep aids or vitamins that help deepen sleep are a popular aid for frequent overnight travelers. Clearly this is not limited to buses, as frequent flyers are also known to have a pack on hand in their carry-on. Sleeping pills can really help with normal sleep, even during more uncomfortable trips. In addition, if you are predisposed to motion sickness, you can consider drinking dramamine tea, as it also has soporific effects. It is imperative however that you consult your physician or pharmacist before taking any medication, especially if you are pregnant, or taking this medication for the first time. This is not medical advice.

Rent a Bus with Spacious Seats

7. Rent a Bus with Spacious Seats

Choose a bus with spacious seating, or indeed a bus service with a reputable fleet. Reclining seats go a long way in helping passengers get the full effect of a good rest, with testimonials that our seats at Patsornchai Tour are akin to lying on a couch right at home. Another thing to look out for in a high quality seat is proper amount of cushioning and lumbar, or lower back, support. This will help tremendously with back pain, and is especially of value to the elderly. As you can see, the benefits of quality seating is not limited to just sleep, but extends to your entire time on the bus, so do not be afraid to ask about this!

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