Patsornchai Tour - ภัสสรชัยทัวร์

We at Patsornchai Tour provide services for leasing and renting coaches and buses from us for commercial use, such as school excursions, company trips, monthly and yearly rentals and pick up services, to name a few.


Share Taxi for Employees

Ubiquitous with Thailand, our famous “two-row cars” or “red cars” are long overdue a makeover. Enter, the Patsornchai Share Taxi. A household name familiar to so many of us, people often only manage a muted “wow” upon seeing one of our brand-new, premium share taxis up-close. We guarantee your employees will appreciate this service! Grand …

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All new MAN Patsornchai A New Dimension to Traveling

The latest in high-end bus performance, straight from Germany: The 40-seat MAN Patsornchai coach features some of the most luxurious and premium amenities available, with the seats customized to provide extra head and spinal support compared to previous models. Technology is also at the forefront of this bus’s designs, featuring a complete entertainment system onboard …

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เช่ารถบัสไฟฟ้า, เช่ารถเมล์ไฟฟ้า, รถบัสไฟฟ้า

Electric Autobus

Patsornchai Tour offers monthly and yearly rentals of our fully air-conditioned, electric autobuses, with a low floor design and 100% electric motor. Clients can choose between buses of 6 meters to 12 meters, and all electric buses are fully air-conditioned. If you are interested in any of our electric buses, call us at 08-6381-4555.

Airport Transfer Service Bangkok Pattaya Khao Yai Hua Hin Thailand

Patsornchai Tour offers transfer and pick-up services, to and from the airport. Clients can choose their desired pick-up and drop-off points, at any time of the day, and our experienced drivers will ensure you safely reach your destination. Contact us at WhatsApp number +6681-493-5599 or at if you are interested. Pick your desired destination. From …

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Shuttle Bus Services

Patsornchai Tour offers both monthly and yearly shuttle services for employees, school bus services, and fixed-route shuttle services, and we have been providing this service for 20 years to both the private and public sectors alike. Our drivers have more than 5 years of driving experience and our fleet is best-in-class, meeting many international standards …

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Chartered Buses With the Best Service Guaranteed

Patsornchai Tour offers daily, monthly, and yearly rentals of our fleet. We are happy to accommodate all-day activities such as school excursions, airport shuttle services, seminars. Our services are open to both the private and public sector. Please contact our call center at 02-537-8881. We can also provide a video conference to demonstrate the condition …

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