The ultra-long 14 meter, 51 seater bus with a chassis designed by MAN from Germany charms with its decorative star motif in the cabin, truly living up to its Galaxy namesake. Complete with ionizing filter for the most refreshing journey on the road.

Rent The New Galaxy Patsornchai now. The highest quality bus rental service in Thailand, proudly using German engineering by MAN.
The all-white exterior elevates the aesthetic with a touch of class, while also providing fellow road users ample visibility for safety, especially at night
รถบัสชั้นเดียว 50 ที่นั่ง
The New Galaxy Patsornchai. A single deck, 14 meter bus. Meets the Euro 3 European emissions rating, because we care about the environment
All the comfort and entertainment you want, with free Wi-Fi for the entire journey
ช่องชาร์จมือถือ บนรถบัส
2.1A (Fast charging) and 1.0A charging ports on every seat, with built-in overcharge fail-safe
Fall asleep under the stars with beauty and lighting that lives up to the Galaxy name
The New Galaxy Patsornchai abounds in its safety and technology. The truly complete package for every journey.
Know what a real bus rental is like with the spacious New Galaxy Patsornchai, complete with ambient lighting around the cabin for your comfort
Enjoy the 5th Generation of Apple TV in 4K resolution for your entire journey with the myriad of movies and music on offer
Complete sound system provided by JBL for your listening pleasure
บริการ รถบัสเช่า
Emergency measures in every seat pocket, because nothing is more important to us than your safety
Hot and cold water dispenser, so you can enjoy your coffee on-the-go
Automatic 3-point seat belts and rotating seats available
Marvel at the beautiful aesthetics, made possible only on the New Galaxy Patsornchai
360 panorama of the Galaxy Patsornchai cabin at night. Simply scroll or drag to see more, the ambient lighting is customizable to your every need
แผนผังที่นั่งรถบัสเช่า Galaxy Patsornchai

Seating plan for Galaxy Patsornchai

Brochure for the Galaxy Patsornchai If you have any questions, please contact us at 02-537-8881