Patsornchai Tour offers both monthly and yearly shuttle services for employees, school bus services, and fixed-route shuttle services, and we have been providing this service for 20 years to both the private and public sectors alike.

Our drivers have more than 5 years of driving experience and our fleet is best-in-class, meeting many international standards and qualifications.

The diversity and scale of our fleet means we can accommodate any number of people, all for a guaranteed best price. We also service long journeys to industrial complexes, such as the Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate.

We guarantee you the absolute best service, at a price we know you will love!

If you are interested, please contact us at 08-6381-4555 or via email at (note that it is NOT


or add us on our official LINE @patsornchai

Our new-look MAN Patsornchai employee shuttle bus
German engineering means the lowest carbon footprint there is
German engineering means the lowest carbon footprint there is
A look inside the cabin, featuring unparelleled comfort and flexibility
Our all-white exterior, perfect to put your media on display
A different angle of the all-white look, show off your creativity
We have smaller sizes on offer (including minibuses) for monthly rental
An exterior shot of our Toyota Commuter, the yellow plates indicating they have been government approved for lease
บริการรถตู้ รถรับส่งพนักงาน
Decked out with a complete entertainment package, including stereo and TV
We are prepared to meet every need for your employees from any department, and for however many people

Some photos of our MAN Patsornchai during service on the way to, and at Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate at Bang Pa-In, Sri Ayutthaya province

Video of our 43-seat Hino Patsornchai, highlighting USB charger at every seat and 2-point seatbelts

360 panorama of the interior of the Hino Patsornchai


In 2020 and 2021, we completely revitalized our fleet to meet the exacting standards of our public, and private sector clients

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Patsornchai Tour has implemented the following protocols.

รถรับส่งพนักงาน ภัสสรชัยทัวร์
A shot of our spacious cabin, with partitions and newly installed ionizing filter for your safety when traveling with our employee shuttle services

For the safety of all passengers, before any round of service, we:

  • thoroughly disinfect the cabin

  • ozone-sterilize the cabin

  • spray disinfectant into the air for airborne particles

  • wipe down all surfaces

Social distancing is enforced on our buses, but if numbers do not permit, partitions will be installed in between adjacent seats

All our staff:

  • have been twice vaccinated against Covid-19
  • go through temperature checks prior to service
  • have their BP and oxygen levels measured prior to service
  • wash their hands before service
  • wear a mask and gloves at all times throughout service
Before departure, our staff will provide hand sanitizer to all passengers

For passengers’ convenience:

  • we provide spare masks in case you forget, or would like to change
  • hand sanitizers will be provided
  • infrared thermometers will be used before embarking
  • tray-disinfectant for your shoes
Separability of our seats on display, useful for adding partitions without sacrificing your comfort, and enforces social distancing

A full list of the benefits provided include:

  • Free Wi-Fi onboard
  • Automatic seatbelts (2- or 3-point seatbelts on some models)
  • Android compatibility
  • Full HD TV comes standard on all our buses (4K on the Galaxy Patsornchai)
  • Full GPS
  • Ambient Lighting for your comfort
  • Air filters and ionizing filters for your comfort and safety
  • Fast charging available on all seats (USB-C on some models only)
  • 6 CCTV cameras on all buses
  • 4 CCTV cameras on all vans
  • Automatic hydraulic doors on all models, electric doors on the Galaxy Patsornchai
  • Alcohol sanitizer dispenser onboard
  • Infrared thermometers onboard
  • Sound systems provided by Pioneer or JBL
  • Apple TV 4K (only on the galaxy Patsornchai)
  • Electric vehicles
  • Full lavatories on some models
  • Hot and cold water dispenser (only on the Galaxy Patsornchai)
  • and many more


Contact us at 02-527-8881 or 98-6381-4555

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